Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Official MOONSHINE MADNESS Launch begins

The Alley
Stereo Lane // 77 Elizabeth St // CBD
Brisbane, Australia

........Its had its wheels in motion for a few years now, though with the discovery of the new name (Moonshine Madness) on an East Coast road trip - the decision was made to make party !

*Creative Drinks event has kindly offered to let me launch off the back of their fine event - which will be featuring an amazing line up of creative presenters.

On this night - Moonshine Madness- will be showcasing work - giving away things, and making explosions in the car park --
Though it wouldn't be complete without music - so *Hero & Shadow a Brisbane duo and the most played musicians in the house of MM, will be bringing out their talents to truly inspire you.

*Creative Drinks is the only event of its kind in Australia that provides members of the creative industry with an opportunity to showcase their work, network with fellow creatives and see up-and-coming talent.
 Unlike standard networking events, our events are a combination of stage show, exhibition, information and networking. They’re loads of fun, great for making industry contacts, and totally addictive. 
Rather than focusing on one topic or speaker, Creative Drinks features several elements and attractions, in order to capture the interest of all creatives - from graphic designers, art directors and marketers, to photographers, artists and musicians.

* Hero & Shadow are a new and original music project out of Brisbane. In duo formation-(Madeleine Paige & Arundel), H & S's live sets are almost completely improvised, inspired both by their surroundings and the interplay between the musicians themselves; also drawing inspiration from acts such as Massive Attack, Sigur Ros, and Royksopp.
Madeleine's sublime vocals are fused with the ambient sounds from Arundel to form an effervescent and ethereal atmosphere; one to be consumed and lost in.

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