Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moonshine Madness has travelled and settled at a new space:


Thursday, January 6, 2011

MM shirts will increase your attractiveness by 2.6% !!!
Buy one.

Monday, December 13, 2010


CURVY 2010 - another great show with Nine Lives - thanks to the guys for another successful Brisbane CURVY launch
To buy CURVY 7 - visit - CURVY online
If you live in Brisbane and would like a copy - drop me a line.

Here are some shots from the night

a little bit in love.

... with my latest venture - designing the front of a delay pedal -
Its insides were built by the fantastic Mr Darek Mudge.
Dont ask me questions on it - I only know pictures.
This is his description of it its workings.
"This is my new 'Chinese Whispers' Delay pedal. I modded this one to give as much grit and distortion from the delay signal as the PT2399 would allow. This changes the signal slightly each repeat, hence the name Chinese Whispers. Front panel design by the wonderful Mel Baxter. Wild! " 

We will be making more of these - subsequently dominating the world with custom designed pedals.

Monday, November 22, 2010

The start of a new series of designs.
So far untitled

Recent logo design for Paper Street Records.


Nine Lives: 694a Ann Street, Fortitude Valley
THURSDAY DEC 2 from 7pm

Sponsored by Peroni

Bec Winnel
Beci Orpin
Caitlin Shearer
Courtney Brims
Emma Sheldrake
Erin Flannery
Hannah Smith
Leah Bartholomew
Amanda Ceccato
Natalie Perkins
Susan Purnell
Mel Baxter


Logo design for Women in Music.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When MM met AFCB.

Late one night about two months ago - Andrew Weber, football culture connoisseur and founder of AFCB and Football Nomad came to MM with a splendid idea.

After many late nights designing, collaborating, 40,000 lines of chat, tantrums on my behalf and a few boozy coffees -- 
Andy's idea has now come to full fruition !

The AFCB Shop: home of the best unofficial Arsenal t-shirts, hoodies and stickers on the web.
The AFCB Shop combines football culture with modern fashion to produce shirts that look good, fit superbly and celebrate the unique culture of the Arsenal Football Club. Quality is very much the name of the game: all designs are printed on American Apparel products and are available in multiple colours and sizes for both men and women.
The AFCB Shop is the brainchild of AFCB editor Andrew Weber and graphic design company Moonshine Madness and new designs are released regularly. If you have any trouble navigating the store or purchasing the products you want, please send an email to admin@arsenalfcblog.com.

Monday, October 18, 2010


The night was amazing! with all of my favourite people attending. and the best crew to work with.
Heres a snippet of the set-up (installation by Tom Cole)...  and the night.
Music from the very talented Arundel - www.naturestrip.org.

MM Promo Video

Music by Arundel - Hear more at www.naturestrip.org

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Official MOONSHINE MADNESS Launch begins

The Alley
Stereo Lane // 77 Elizabeth St // CBD
Brisbane, Australia

........Its had its wheels in motion for a few years now, though with the discovery of the new name (Moonshine Madness) on an East Coast road trip - the decision was made to make party !

*Creative Drinks event has kindly offered to let me launch off the back of their fine event - which will be featuring an amazing line up of creative presenters.

On this night - Moonshine Madness- will be showcasing work - giving away things, and making explosions in the car park --
Though it wouldn't be complete without music - so *Hero & Shadow a Brisbane duo and the most played musicians in the house of MM, will be bringing out their talents to truly inspire you.

*Creative Drinks is the only event of its kind in Australia that provides members of the creative industry with an opportunity to showcase their work, network with fellow creatives and see up-and-coming talent.
 Unlike standard networking events, our events are a combination of stage show, exhibition, information and networking. They’re loads of fun, great for making industry contacts, and totally addictive. 
Rather than focusing on one topic or speaker, Creative Drinks features several elements and attractions, in order to capture the interest of all creatives - from graphic designers, art directors and marketers, to photographers, artists and musicians.

* Hero & Shadow are a new and original music project out of Brisbane. In duo formation-(Madeleine Paige & Arundel), H & S's live sets are almost completely improvised, inspired both by their surroundings and the interplay between the musicians themselves; also drawing inspiration from acts such as Massive Attack, Sigur Ros, and Royksopp.
Madeleine's sublime vocals are fused with the ambient sounds from Arundel to form an effervescent and ethereal atmosphere; one to be consumed and lost in.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New shots for Dan Parsons & Steve Grady.
For their pending 50 First Dates Tour.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Many many many many thanks to the CURVY folks for accepting me into this year's book.
With the below image
A revision of the Dan Parsons artwork

Promo Posters ... Anyone ?

Moonshine Madness will be assisting in various ways with the following:
Make sure to come check it.

The Brisbane Music Pop-Up Shop

In a week where you thought the music of Brisbane could not be more well represented, Brisbane Sounds in partnership with 4ZZZ FM Radio are pleased to announce the very first Brisbane music pop-up shop which will be open free to the public from Friday September 10 until Sunday September 12 in the TCB building of Brunswick St Mall, Fortitude Valley.

The Brisbane music pop-up shop will combine the elements of a mini Brisbane music museum as well as a chill out zone where delegates and punters can rest up on comfy couches and take in a slice of Brisbane music history, during the visual and aural extravaganza that occurs during the week of Bigsound and Valley Fiesta.

The Brisbane music pop up shop will showcase a visual explosion of colour and noise and will feature a selection of rising Brisbane bands, classic Brisbane poster art, lyrics, interactive displays and interesting facts about Brisbane music combined with film clips, live to air crosses with 4ZZZ radio and a 300 strong diverse mixtape of memorable Brisbane tunes from Kev Carmody and Billy Thorpe to Butterfingers and Violent Soho that will be sure to get you moving.

Brisbane Sounds will also be launching Brissounds, which will be Australia’s first gig guide App for IPhone and which aims to become one of the most comprehensive and user friendly gig guides in Brisbane and Australia. The launch of the App will take place on Friday 10th September at 7pm in the pop-up shop.

Brisbane Sounds is calling on Brisbane artists who are keen to perform in this unique space to get in touch with the Brisbane Sounds team at info@brisbanesounds.com

Brisbane Sounds Presents
The Brisbane Music Pop Up Shop

Friday 10th September- Sunday 12th September
TCB Building
Brunswick St Mall
Fortitude Valley
Hours of operation
10am- 10pm

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Finished the new logo for Brisbane Sounds.
Hopefully capturing the colourful atmosphere of Brisbane and its music scene.
A couple of shots from the shoot last Wed- 23rd for Brass Mafia

Model: Brooke 
MUA: Aviva

Friday, May 28, 2010

Had a sweet photo shoot today with Brooke (model)
Make Up by the amazing Aviva