Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When MM met AFCB.

Late one night about two months ago - Andrew Weber, football culture connoisseur and founder of AFCB and Football Nomad came to MM with a splendid idea.

After many late nights designing, collaborating, 40,000 lines of chat, tantrums on my behalf and a few boozy coffees -- 
Andy's idea has now come to full fruition !

The AFCB Shop: home of the best unofficial Arsenal t-shirts, hoodies and stickers on the web.
The AFCB Shop combines football culture with modern fashion to produce shirts that look good, fit superbly and celebrate the unique culture of the Arsenal Football Club. Quality is very much the name of the game: all designs are printed on American Apparel products and are available in multiple colours and sizes for both men and women.
The AFCB Shop is the brainchild of AFCB editor Andrew Weber and graphic design company Moonshine Madness and new designs are released regularly. If you have any trouble navigating the store or purchasing the products you want, please send an email to admin@arsenalfcblog.com.

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